As Satterfield farms with Mr. Satterfield comes to a close, we want you to know that his retirement isn’t the end for this farm! 

Mr. Satterfield’s grandson, Tyler Norris, has been his farming sidekick for most of his life. Tyler and his wife, Alexis, will be taking over the family business. The name will be changing, but the farming will continue from one generation to another. Just as Mr. Satterfield is handing down the business to his grandson Tyler, one day Tyler and Alexis hope that their twin boys will be the next generation to take on the farm. In honor of Tyler and Alexis’ twin 5 year old boys (Sawyer and Sutton), Satterfield Farms will now be called SawSutt Farms. 

Please know that our customers will still be provided with the same great quality meats and customer service that you love and deserve. 

With this new name change and the sale of Mr. and Mrs. Satterfield’s home, there will also be a location and phone number change. The new location will be the Norris’ location at 2515 Motlow Creek Road in Campobello, SC. The new business phone number will be 864-753-5133. 

Tyler and Alexis have a little farm store at Motlow creek where you are able to come shop for meats by the individual packages and are   available by appointment, just give us a call or shoot us a text!!